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DAY 3 Upgrade | BE Conference 2021

May 13, 2021 to Jul 21, 2021

This event has already passed.

Event Summary

Did you miss out on DAY 3 of BE Con? GOOD NEWS! You can still access our 16 skill-building workshops that are educational sessions designed to provide attendees with practical skills, techniques, and ideas to support personal and professional growth. We have designed this program to foster and cultivate growth in three key areas: Hollywood Voices, Business Leadership, and Personal Growth. DAY 3 Workshop upgrades are ONLY $99!

The 2021 workshop and mentorship tracks are below:

Hollywood Voices: Producing, Writing, Directing, Acting

Business Leaders: Climbing the Corporate Ladder, Building Your Brand, Entrepreneurship, Resetting Your Career Path

Personal Growth: Building Confidence, Work-Life Balance, Overcoming Stereotypes, Activism Through Art 

This year’s 16 on-demand workshops include:

Making a Rom Com 101 with Mary Viola (Producer, “Holidate” & “I Feel Pretty”)

From on Screen to Behind the Camera with Vivica A. Fox (Actress, Producer & Director) and Tressa Azarel Smallwood (Producer & Co-Founder MegaMind Media)

Breaking Into the Industry with “Younger” Star Molly Bernard

How to Be a Boss with “She’s the Boss” Star Nicole Walters (CEO of NapNic, LLC & Star, “She’s the Boss”)

Want to Start a Career in Cannabis? Advice from Miss Grass (Kate Miller, Co-Founder & CEO, Miss Grass)

Financial Fit Check: How to Start Investing presented by Gerber Kawasaki with Mia Samson (Marketing & Social Media Manager, Gerber Kawasaki)

Become Unapologetically Confident with Sheila Kelley (Founder, S Factor & Star, “Strip Down, Rise Up”)

Taking Down Racism in Corporate America with Sharon Chuter (Founder & CEO, Uoma Beauty+ Creator, #PullUpForChange)

Self-Care 101: Mind Body and Soul with Padma Lakshmi (Host, Producer, Author & Activist)

Building a Career in Comedy with “A Black Lady Sketch Show” Star Skye Townsend

I Quit My Job and Now I Have a TV Show: Taking Risks with Jana Schmieding (Writer & Actor, “Rutherford Falls”)

Need to Launch a Side Hustle? Advice from Young CEO Nadya Okamoto (Author, Mental Health Advocate & Founder, August)

How to Find Inspiration and Perseverance in Work and Life with Chloe Lukasiak (Dancer, Actress, Author)

Breaking Barriers with Elle B. Mambetov (Fashion Designer) and Kimiko Glenn (Actor, “Orange is the New Black”)

Debunking Health Myths with Twitter’s Resident OB/GYN Dr. Jen Gunter (OB/GYN & Pain Medicine Physician)

Tap into Your Own Intuition and Drive Success with Psychic to the Stars Laura Day (Intuitionist & Best-Selling Author)



We let each mentor guide their session as they see fit to encourage flexibility in the format and the ability to tailor the subject matter based on their group’s needs.  As each mentor will approach their session differently (some may provide advanced readings and/or follow-up after the session, etc), we encourage YOU to make the most of this experience, preparing questions for your group and networking with fellow mentees, for example. Below are some great testimonials from our past mentees: 

"I appreciated the opportunity to have an intimate zoom conversation with someone so accomplished and experienced in their field. I was given some incredible insight and that really motivated me to keep going" ~ Kayla S. 

"It helped me get a grasp of what was possible and was really encouraging to get advice on such a personal level with the mentor" ~ Tanya M. 

"My favorite thing was that the mentors really worked to enter into each of our worlds and discuss our goals during our intimate time together. Through our conversation, it was so evident that she wanted us all to succeed" ~ Anjali S.   

"My favorite thing about being able to have intimate time with the mentor & fellow mentees was the ability to ask questions! I loved being able to ask questions to the mentors. With the mentees, I felt that I understood a lot of the girls and women who were actively seeking jobs within the industry. Hence, it felt like we had a connection." ~ Charline O.

Event Details


Workshops and Mentor sessions are custom built to your personal journey. If you are just starting out in your career, are making a mid-way pivot, are an entrepreneur starting a business, need to re-think your current business model, or simply trying to break into an industry, then this program is for you! All DAY 3 Workshops will be available to you, and one small group mentorship session based on your selected topic of interest. We’ll pair you with an industry leader who can share advice and guidance on your next steps. Your small group of 3-10 will engage in discussion, peer to peer networking, and an open Q&A with your mentor.


With your upgrade, you have access to ALL Workshops, available live May 13th from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm PT and on-demand thereafter.


Once you've selected your area of interest from our three mentorship tracks during your registration upgrade, the WrapWomen team will curate and match you with an industry leader based on your area of interest and mentor expertise. You will receive a private video meeting calendar invite for your mentor session approximately one week prior to the event, with mentors announced the week of the event. Each mentee is guaranteed one mentor session during the event. 


Curated mentor session groups range from 3-10 mentees with one mentor. Each session is scheduled for 60 minutes on Thursday, May 13th between 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm PT.

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